Resin and media exchange services

ISO Certified and FDA Approved resin regeneration plant

High Purity is an ISO 9001 certified company and holds the Health Canada Establishment License. We follow the highest level of quality standards.

DI water

High Purity offers DI resin exchange services to assist our customers in production of deionized (DI) water. DI water is produced by removing residual total dissolved solids (TDS) through a resin-based ion-exchange process.

Our ISO 9001 certified resin regeneration plant is operated in-house at our facility in Oakville, allowing extreme quality control for customer-specific resin regeneration requirements.

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Carbon exchange

Our process starts with a detailed review and analysis of our customers’ needs and customized products and services correctly suited for the unique customer requirement.

High Purity’s medical grade carbon exchange tank services are customized to support facilities across Canada. We deliver and ship exchange vessels throughout the country and are capable of supporting facilities located in the most remote geographies.

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