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When your job is to keep critical high purity water systems up and running, it starts with picking up the phone when customers need you most. Our quick response team, comprising trained and experienced technicians, is available 24/7, and we always have strategic spares on hand.

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Products we service

We provide emergency service for a wide range of products

Reverse Osmosis

We maintain mission-critical reverse osmosis systems across Canada – ranging from systems with flow rates of less than 1 gallon-per-minute (GPM), to large RO systems capable of generating over 200 GPM.

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High Purity provides preventative and emergency service of filtration solutions ranging from pre-treatment for reverse osmosis to post-treatment and submicron filtration for bacteria and endotoxin removal.

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UV Sterilization

High Purity installs, maintains, and provides emergency services for UV sterilization technologies required in critical high purity water applications.

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Lab Water Systems

High Purity provides emergency field support for lab water systems for a variety of functions, ranging from ordinary requirements such as washing and rinsing to the most critical scientific and analytic applications.

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