Ultraviolet sterilization (UV)

When disinfection is critical to your application

UV sterilization applies short wavelength light for the purpose of inactivating microorganisms. High Purity offers UV sterilization systems for all high purity water applications and flow rates, as well as installation, preventative maintenance, and replacement consumables and parts.

Services provided

High Purity installs and services UV sterilization equipment to support critical high purity water applications. UV units include 254 nanometer and 185 nanometer wavelengths for the purposes of disinfection, total organic carbon (TOC) destruction, and ozone destruction.

UV light is an environmentally friendly method of inactivating microorganisms such as bacteria, pathogens, molds, and viruses, without using chemicals or producing a corrosive by-product.

Applications we support

We provide solutions for a range of high purity water applications

Hospital & Life Science

In hospital and life science facilities, high purity water systems often incorporate UV for the purposes of disinfection and TOC destruction. High Purity installs and services high purity water systems designed to comply with the strictest hospital water quality standards.

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Biotech & Pharma

High purity water systems incorporating UV technology are crucial to biotechnology and pharmaceutical research and production. In addition to disinfection and TOC destruction, UV is utilized for the purposes of ozone destruction in water systems designed meet stringent USP & EP requirements for Purified and WFI applications.

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Food & Beverage

To enable the consistent production of quality product, food & beverage facilities often require UV units for disinfection. High Purity designs, installs, and services critical production water systems for the food and beverage market as well as small point of use systems for the QA/QC labs.

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Industrial Applications

UV technologies are incorporated into the high purity water systems vital to manufacturing and production facilities across Canada. High Purity designs, services, and provides consumables and replacement parts for UV systems that assist your facility in meeting the most stringent water quality requirements.

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