Water systems for laboratory applications

When stringent water quality standards must be met

High Purity supports a range of lab water systems. Solutions provided range from ordinary requirements such as washing and rinsing, to the most critical scientific and analytic applications. Lab water systems include filtration through reverse osmosis, deionization, and ultrafiltration.

Services provided

High Purity provides consultation and recommendations to clients to provide a lab water system that meets their unique needs. In addition, our team of high purity water experts supports installations, commissioning, and training at critical lab facilities across Canada.

Lab water system orientations include modular point-of-use water systems and central water systems supporting multiple points-of-use.

Applications we support

We provide solutions for wide range of biotech and pharma applications

Pharmaceutical Water

Laboratory water systems meeting the most stringent pharmaceutical water standards, including US Pharmacopeia (USP Purified Water) and European Pharmacopeia (Ph. Eur. Water).

Hospital Type I, II, III

Laboratory water systems complying with strict hospital water quality requirements, including CLSI/CLRW, MDRD, and ANSI/AAMI.

Lab/Research Type I, II, III

Laboratory water systems suitable to various lab and research applications, including systems to meet ASTM water quality standards.

Let's talk about lab water systems

Supporting facilities across Canada in the expert operation of critical high purity water systems. Let us share our expertise!

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