Filtration technologies

Solutions designed correctly for your unique application

Filtration technologies span many different processes and products that are used to remove undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, and suspended solids.

Services provided

High Purity provides filtration solutions ranging from pre-treatment for reverse osmosis to post-treatment and submicron filtration for bacteria and endotoxin removal.

High Purity consults with your facility to provide filtration technologies meeting the unique demands of your specific application.

Applications we support

We provide solutions for a range of high purity water applications

Hospital & Life Science

Filtration technologies are incorporated in high purity water systems located throughout a hospital, including in laboratories, research, sterilization, and dialysis treatment. High Purity provides hospital and life science facilities with the highest quality filtration technologies, including filtration for removal of endotoxin and bacteria, cartridge filters, capsule filters, and hollow fibre filters.

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Biotech & Pharma

Filtration technologies for the removal of endotoxin and bacteria are crucial to supporting the validation requirements of biotechnology and pharmaceutical facilities. High Purity designs and services high purity water systems to meet stringent USP & EP requirements for Purified and WFI applications.

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Food & Beverage

At food & beverage facilities across Canada, various filtration technologies support the strict production control vital to avoiding contamination and preventing unexpected shutdowns. Incorporated properly into your water system and often coupled with reverse osmosis, filtration technologies make your operation safer and more efficient, compliant, and sustainable at each stage of the process.

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Industrial Applications

Reliable supply of high purity water is critical to manufacturing and production operations across many industries. Identifying the correct filtration technologies for the specific application is fundamental to designing high purity water systems at vital industrial facilities throughout Canada.

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