The Challenge

An innovative, Ontario-based cannabis products manufacturer required a USP validatable water system for a new, pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility. The customer requested an ultrapure water system capable of generating approximately 5 GPM of USP purified water, which would ultimately be distributed via a 50 GPM recirculating loop.

Anticipating both facility expansion and future requirements for varying types of ultrapure water (humidification, lab/QC, food & beverage), the group desired to work with a service-focused organization capable of supporting future water system installations throughout the state-of-the-art facility.

Our Solution

To achieve the customer’s requirement for USP purified water at the desired loop flow and production rates, High Purity designed a system to generate 5 GPM of RO/EDI supply that would ultimately be distributed and polished at 50 GPM. The solution included RO equipment from Suez, UV from Aquafine, and EDI from Snowpure.

The validation requirements for the project were considerable. Each individual connection on the GF Piping Systems 63mm PVDF loop was required to be tagged as part of the validation documentation. High Purity worked with the customer and GF to ensure proper documentation was provided for each connection on the loop. Finally, High Purity coordinated the supply of validation documentation (IQ, OQ and PQ) with an outside consultant to deliver a turnkey package for the customer.

The result is a durable and innovative high purity water system meeting all customer requirements. The system is serviced and supported by the High Purity customer service and field service teams.