The Challenge

An Ottawa-based university required a duplex RO system to feed a large-scale research facility. The university’s key concern was down-time. The water system would feed a critical laboratory. A moment’s down-time would be damaging to laboratory work and therefore unacceptable for the university. As a result, the system specification included multiple requirements for redundancy to ensure constant supply of ASTM Type 2 water to all points of use.

Any high purity water company selected for the project was required to be capable of supplying 24/7 emergency service in the event a system required service. High Purity was contacted for assistance with system design to meet these stringent requirements.

Our Solution

The team at High Purity designed an ultrapure water system with multiple layers of redundancy. Keeping in mind the requirement for ASTM Type 2 water, the system envisioned by High Purity included duplex RO units with duplex reservoirs. Each reservoir would feed an independent loop with its own dedicated polishing technology (UV, final filtration, monitoring).

Furthermore, High Purity designed a unique header to enable the university to isolate each reservoir from either RO and each loop from either reservoir.

The creative design enables the complete isolation and chemical sanitization of either loop and storage tank while simultaneously supplying water to the laboratory from whichever loop is in service. Likewise, if any RO or distribution system were to fail, a back-up RO, reservoir and distribution system is always available.

The university was pleased with the end result which met both water quality and downtime requirements for the laboratory. High Purity provides service for the system including 24/7 emergency response, which provides an added layer of security beyond the redundancies designed into the water system.