The Challenge

A hospital in a remote area of Alberta required a new high purity water system to feed both chemistry and core lab applications. All points of use required CLSI Type 1 water. The facility required 100% availability (24/7) of ultrapure water via redundant systems, which is common for critical laboratory applications in remote geographies across Canada. Water system downtime was unacceptable, to include when performing scheduled preventative maintenance service. As a result, the key challenge to address was to both design and deliver a water system capable of achieving the stringent service and water quality requirements of the hospital.

Our Solution

High Purity has a wealth of experience in all hospital and healthcare ultrapure water applications – particularly laboratory and clinical applications. The team at High Purity designed an ultrapure water system with duplex central units from Elga.

In order to achieve the zero down-time requirement, High Purity supplied two independent loops that can be isolated and driven by either Elga system while the other loop is down for service and sanitization. The resulting system achieves customer quality and availability requirements, which provides the lab with a great deal of confidence that ultrapure water will be available at all times regardless of the circumstances.