Water that meets the strictest standards

When water is critical to healthcare outcomes

Water is used throughout a hospital, including in laboratories, research, sterilization, and dialysis treatment. The quality of water has a meaningful impact on the health, safety, and comfort of patients and staff. High Purity provides complete water solutions that comply with the strictest hospital water standards.


High Purity designs, installs and services all central and single patient dialysis water systems. With our own carbon rebed and DI regeneration facility we offer 24/7 response as well as on-site support capabilities.

We are fully accredited as an ISO 9001:2015 registered company with a Health Canada Establishment License.


High Purity has various purified water solutions for all critical rinse applications, including central RO/DI water systems and distribution loops to feed washer disinfectors or small under the counter solutions for departments requiring a compact point of use solution.

Our extensive knowledge, range of products and full-service support in meeting CSA-Z314-18 requirements is valuable for any healthcare facility.


There are many lab applications that require purified water – clinical diagnostics, research & analysis applications, micro testing, etc. This is also the case for lab equipment such as glassware washing, autoclaves & environmental chambers.

We provide a variety of central and point of use lab water systems designed specifically for the critical type of water required for each application. Our full-service contracts & 24/7 1-800 support number allows High Purity to exceed all lab requirements for new and existing water systems.

Central RO systems

When new facilities, re-developments and projects are being designed and engineered, central water systems are a critical requirement along with the distribution piping system.

High Purity is a valued partner to engineers, consultants, architects and mechanical groups that require expert support in the design and installation of “turnkey” purified water systems and loops.

Even more healthcare applications

We provide solutions for any healthcare application

Lab Systems

High Purity Water Services designs, manufacturers, installs and services all central and point of use lab water & distribution piping systems for all lab applications including ASTM Type I, II, III, IV, CLSI/CLRW, USP, EP, etc.

High Purity also provides all services for on-site technical support for complete installation, training, disinfection, calibration, trouble shooting, water testing, preventative maintenance and emergency requirements.


High Purity Water Services designs, manufactures, installs and supports water systems specific for single or multiple scope re-processors providing bacteria free final rinse water. HPWS is experienced in providing the correct water treatment solution as well as continued service to avoid any disruptions with endoscope reprocessing.

High Purity partners directly with hospitals as well as scope reprocessing manufacturers to provide a water system that will best meet all requirements.


High Purity Water Services designs, manufacturers, installs and supports water systems that are used for humidification. Humidification exerts a powerful influence on environmental and physiological factors and the water quality is critical for the successful and safe operation.

High Purity partners with engineering & facility management to design humidification water systems as well as provide full-service support.

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What our customers are saying

We appreciate the praise from many of our healthcare customers

It’s always been a pleasure working with the High Purity team. Excellent customer service and thorough knowledge of RO water systems.

When technical issues arise, High Purity is quick to reply, and service is performed in a timely manner. With High Purity, you not only get high purity water quality, you get peace of mind.

The High Purity technical support team is responsive and reliable, especially in emergency situations.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about how we work with our customers

  • Do you offer maintenance contracts for our equipment?

    Absolutely. Our field service and customer service teams are devoted to providing outstanding customer service experiences. Whether it’s a legacy water system or a newly installed water system, High Purity will tailor a preventative maintenance program and performs routine services to ensure your critical system is running smoothly and meeting all water quality requirements.

  • Do you provide system design and consultation services?

    Yes. Our team of high purity water professionals has decades of experience assisting engineers, contractors, and facilities teams in the design and specification of critical high purity water systems at facilities across Canada. Please refer to Our Work for testaments to our capabilities.

  • What product lines do you support?

    High Purity supports all major technologies involved in the functioning of a critical high purity water system – spanning Pretreatment, Filtration, UV, RO, DI, and Instrumentation. In addition to being a leading Canadian channel partner for the industry’s top equipment companies, including SUEZ, Elga, DWA, and Aquafine, High Purity is capable of servicing and maintaining high purity water equipment from all major OEM brands.

  • Do you offer 24x7 emergency response?

    Yes. As an agile and independent company, we pride ourselves on being available and responsive for our customers. We are dedicated to supporting our customers in the expert operation of critical high purity water systems – and many of these systems are required to be operating 24/7 with zero downtime. We pick up the phone when you call, and have a 24/7 on-call technician rotation to ensure consistent coverage. For facilities located in the most remote regions of Canada, we will partner with the customer to design a water system with built-in redundancies. This ensures peace of mind for facilities where immediate same-day emergency response is not feasible due to the difficult-to-access geography.

  • What water quality standards can your systems meet?

    Our high purity systems can be designed to meet ASTM, ISO, CLSI, CSA, USP or other water quality standards. The High Purity team is eager to work with you to design a system to meet your water quality and production requirements.