Without water, many companies and the products they provide would fail to exist. Water use is a fundamental commodity for nearly every step of the manufacturing and production processes around the world.

High Purity's innovative designs allow customization with each application while still meeting all regulations.


Wherever your water source comes from; municipal feed, well, surface water, etc. Good pre-treatment is essential to protect your downstream processes and save costs.

Raw water often contains a wide range of water contaminants such as suspended solids, organics, hardness and heavy metals. High Purity Water Services implements many technologies to address these contaminants including: carbon filtration, multimedia filtration, sediment filtration and more.


Water is critical for many industries with a wide range of requirements. With the increasing cost of water, it's important to implement the correct technologies .


High Purity Water Services is experienced in design, installation and on-going service to best support your application, avoiding costly shutdowns and quality issues while minimizing capital and operating costs.


HPWS offers a wide range of options for boiler feed & humidification water treatment including softeners, dealkalizers, RO, RO/SDI, or RO/EDI systems for all water specifications and flow rates.

Our designs and PM services avoid unscheduled downtime, allowing for uninterrupted operations.

"Providing innovative, value solutions for safe and purified environment"