& Resins

Tanks & Resins


HPWS supports a wide arrange of tanks for every ultra-pure water application.  Tanks range in size from 6” to 16” in diameter and include carbon, mixed bed resins, softening resins, and more.  High Purity provides tank rentals for carbon and DI to allow for an efficient and affordable exchange process.  Please contact HPWS to learn more about our rental program and how HPWS can provide superior service on your tanks and resins.


  • HPWS supports rental exchanges for various tanks/media (carbon, mixed bed DI, softening resin)
  • HPWS provides services and installation for re-bedding/regeneration tanks


  • Pharmaceutical – Tanks used in central systems to provided desired ultra-pure water
  • Hospital – Various applications: Dialysis, Central Process, Chemistry (Carbon, DI tanks)
  • Industrial – Providing tanks for desired water requirements for many applications