Reverse Osmosis is a form of water filtration that forces water through a semi-permeable membrane that produces a demineralized permeate. RO water purification technology removes ions and dissolved solids to create ultra-pure water for various applications. This application is achieved through thin layered membranes that allow water through and reject solutes (such as salt ions).


  • HPWS provides turnkey designs and installation for central RO systems
  • HPWS supports and services all RO systems to ensure accuracy through sanitization/calibration
  • HPWS provides all consumable and replacement parts for a range of RO systems



Reserve Osmosis


  • Pharmaceutical – Necessary filtration method for USP Standards
  • Hospital – Central systems to provide water for: Dialysis, Central Process, Chemistry
  • Lab/Research – Needed to ensure accuracy with testing by providing demineralized water
  • Industrial – Various applications to produce consistency in by-product (greenhouse applications)
  • Residential – Common element in residential drinking applications